Friday, April 24, 2009

kufi kufi squares

In some cultures the skull cap is known as kufi.

During early 2003 I performed the Haj with my wife. We were in the Holy Land for about a month. During the evenings we would roam the bazaars and nooks and crannies of the city. We discovered a kufi style being sold that was very colourful. I ended up with about 50 by the time we returned to Malaysia. I have given away most to friends and family but have a few left over. They were just enough to create this visual kufi of kufi.

So I have created the worlds first kufi square made up of kufis. 

Truly kufikufi!


Umm Aisha said...


A very interesting blog. Loved your Kufi pieces.

Umm Aisha

razlan said...

Thanx Umm,

Your site is cool!