Monday, November 24, 2008

Al Ikhlas 1

Hanging outside our front door.
Acquired in JB around 1998
Songket, Green


Shukor Yahya said...

Dear Richard,

I never knew anyone in this city where we live together has that passion in the art and design of kufi calligraphy until I found you. This is indeed by the grace of God that we have met to share something in common. I am sure there is a "hikmah" in this new relationship. Perhaps god wants to tell us something which we have not understand yet.

I am looking to see you again soon. Insya'Allah

Shukor Yahya said...

After a second look I think the way you hang your frames need to be corrected. Because in any jawi calligraphy it normally start and read from bottom right hand corner.

So therefore you should consider repositioning your frame the way described. Sorry for being too critical about this minor detail mate.

george.potter said...

Hi Richard,

Very nice songket, I have always thought that songket would by ideal for square kufic design as it is brocade weave. I also like the stained glass window. In one of the early examples of this design for al-Ikhlas from the Shah-I Zinda necropolis in Samarqand dating from CE 1361 there are no dots over the two ن (nun) letters.